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Taking Care of Pet Games Ios

Pet care games are all the rage and those who want to download taking care of pets games will be pleased to know that there is a huge selection in the App Store. Separating the good from the bad is not always easy though, which is why we have found the very best taking care of pets games around. Not all pet care games are centered around feeding and playing, some, such as pet salon games, allow you to look after your pet in a more glamorous way.

My Pet Salon is the leader in this sub-genre with super cute graphics and even the chance to add makeup or color to their fur. Another way to care for pets in the virtual world is to become a virtual vet, in games such as Baby Pet Doctor where you might find yourself healing wounds, giving medications, vaccinating and then even accessorizing them as part of their recuperation process.

Taking Care of Pet Games
My Pet Saloon

Farm Animals Hospital Doctor is another great pet care game, where you look after injured and ill farm animals such as pigs, donkeys, and even a bunny! Do you think virtual pets need to look like real animals? If not try the cutest taking care of pets games around, My Boo, where you own little bundle of blob needs looking after, feeding, bathing and playing with – a great starter game for young players.

Virtual Cat Care Games

Who can resist a cute little cat or kitten, and what better way to care for one that in the virtual world where the litter tray doesn’t smell and you don’t get scratched? One of the highest-ranking taking care of pets games around is My Talking Tom and the sister games My Talking Angela and My Talking Ginger.

Taking Care of Cat Game
Talking Tom

These are some of the most well-known cat care games and sees players take their pussy to the toilet, feed him, play with him and even talk to him! There are so many cat games around that you can even try to care for your real-life cat better, with the hilarious Human-to-Cat translator app (intended for entertainment purposes only).

Dog Care Games

Of all the pet game themes online, dog care is certainly one of the most popular sub-genres, and for good reason. Dogs have been human’s best friends for millennia, but with the advent of the virtual dog game, you can enjoy all the responsibility, love and fun, without the smell, dog hair and dirty sofas! One of the most celebrated dog care games of the moment is Dog Town.

Dog Care Game Ios
Dog Town

In Dog Town, you can care for a bevy of rescue dogs from a range of breeds, raise them from puppies and see how well you can help them become well-adjusted adult dogs. Dog Hotel, on the other hand, is ideal for those with ambition and business acumen. In Dog Hotel you open up a pooches’ palace and invite them to stay, where you must train them, decorate their rooms and even send them on special quests. When it comes to taking care of pets games, dog care is certainly one of the most common themes. Dog care games are a great way to see if owning a dog is the right things for you!

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