The Best Virtual Pet App for Ios and Android

Virtual Pet App

Pets are man/woman’s best friend. Pets are the ultimate source of unconditional love. It is for this reason that many studios and developers find the motivation to create a pet game app, a virtual pet app or pet simulator games. A pet game app is a video game, built for mobile platforms (Android, windows mobile or iOS). It features virtual pets in the form of 3D imagery and fun activities. In this article, we are going to look at the best virtual pet app simulator games available in the mobile market. Buckle up, we are diving in!

The Best Pet Game 2019 Award!

Virtual Pets game ios

Pets Around – Take care of a kitten or a puppy in augmented reality! Adopt your own pet and see how it grows up.

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Dog Simulator – Best Virtual Pet App for Android Devices

Dog Simulator App iOS
Dog Simulator App (iOS)

This is an amazing way to find and connect with friends and dog lovers. This pet game app has interactive gameplay. It involves choosing your dog from a rich catalog of breeds. As the owner of your virtual pet, this pet game app allows you to customize your pet. The virtual pet app also offers an endless possibility of locations and biomes to explore. Invite your friends for the ultimate multiplayer experience. The Dog Simulator app is free to download. There are several in-app purchases to lubricate your gameplay Find your way into a farm, run into and out of barns, chase sheep. Have fun with the dog simulator.

Cat Sim Online – Android, IOS

Play with the cutest cat breeds in the world. Are you a cat person, are you looking for pet simulator games? This might be the pet game app for you. The gameplay involves owning cats and growing your cat family. The game has a multiplayer mode that allows you to connect with friends online. The graphics are pretty impressive for a mobile virtual pet app. The game is absolutely free. However, to effectively grow your clan, there are a ton of in-app purchases that can help you fulfill this ambitious objective.

Cthulhu Virtual Pet App – Android

Ctulhu Virtual Pet App
Ctulhu Virtual Pet App

The most unique of pet simulator games. The game is not based on your average house pets. Instead, the developers reached for outside the box ideas and came app with alien-like forms known as Cthulhu. The gameplay involves raising your own Cthulhu. Feed and play with your new pet. Play mini-games within the app to earn points and keep your Cthulhu happy. For that outside box experience, Cthulhu virtual pet game app is a true experience of absolute fun. The app is available for no cost on Android’s Play Store. You can purchase items and trinkets to facilitate your gameplay. Get you Cthulhu pet today; download the Cthulhu virtual pet app!

Talking Tom – Android & IOS pet simulator

Here is a very popular entry, Talking Tom. Your average cat cannot talk. With the Talking Tom pet simulator games, you get an annoying yet funny pet cat that mimics anything you say. The game uses your phone’s microphone an speakers to record and playback your voice with the twist of autotune and voice filters. The app allows you to treat Tom to a bowl of milk. However, you can also smack him across the face. No harm is done, it sure is hilarious. The game is available on app stores of both Android and IOS for no charge. To enjoy the extra fun you should be willing to put up with charges in the form of In-app purchases. Download this timeless game. Get Talking Tom today!

People are different; some of us cannot have enough pets, others cannot have pets because they are allergic. Either way, there is a solution in pet simulator games. Download your free mobile game today. Get a virtual pet!

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