Best Virtual Pet Adoption Games

Adopt a Virtual Pet Game

Virtual pet games are one of the most popular genres found in the current App Store market. From cute kittens to loyal dogs, and even some more unusual animals, there are plenty of chances to adopt a virtual pet with one of these top games.

The Best Pet Game 2019 Award!

Virtual Pets game ios

Pets Around – Take care of a kitten or a puppy in augmented reality! Adopt your own pet and see how it grows up.

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Those looking for unusual pets to adopt should consider the successful Cthulhu Virtual Pet, a game where you adopt a creature that looks like something from Dr. Who, that you need to look after and keep happy. Even weirder is Pet Amoeba, a virtual pet game where players teach their amoebas music, creative arts and much more. A slightly more complex option for older kids or adults is the popular Moy 5, a cute little purple creature that can be fully customized and played with through over 45 mini-games.

My Om Nom (Or Om Nelle for female pets) is a cute but annoying virtual pet that needs a lot of looking after and actually eats his or her way through the furniture.

Adopt Virtual Pet App
My Om Nom Game

Still, My Om Nom is cleaner than a real-life pet! My Boo, on the other hand, is the cutest blob of virtual pet you’ll ever see. My Boo needs lots of love and affection, but the simple game-play makes it ideal for younger players. My Horse is another popular choice and is perfect for those of us that always wanted to own a horse, but were never allowed one! With “My Horse” you can adopt a virtual pet you’ve truly always dreamed of adopting and then actually groom it, feed it and ride it. If one pet is not enough for you, try Pet City, a terrific game where you can own a number of pets; nurturing them, making them smarter and play mini-games with them to keep them active. Pet Store, on the other hand, sees you do more than just adopt a virtual pet, it turns you from pet owner to pet store manager.. can you handle all those pets?

Best Virtual Pet Cat Game Apps

The similarly named Cat Sim Online and Cat Simulator Online are two popular, but varied choices of virtual cat game. Cat Sim Online is an excellent cat game which allows you to breed cute kittens and play against friends in multiplayer formats. Cat Simulator Online, on the other hand, is a cat game with a difference that sees you not just adopt a virtual pet, but actually become one!

My Virtual Cat
My Talking Angela

The very well-known My Talking Tom and My Talking Angela see you adopt one of these charming human-like cats. The leading name in cat game apps, you can feed Tom and Angela as well as bath them, dress them and of course, talk to them.

Best Virtual Pet Dog Game Apps

Topping the charts in the Dog Game rankings is My Talking Hank, the dog equivalent of My Talking Tom. Lovable Hank needs a lot of love, and also has a penchant for photography too. Want to adopt more than one virtual doggie? Try Dog Town, an excellent dog game where you can adopt a plethora of pooches from many breeds, decorate their rooms and even send them on quests. Dog Hotel is a dog game with a difference, in this game rather than adopt these virtual pets, you need to put them up in your doggy hotel and put your dog-sitting skills to the test. Adopt a virtual pet today with one of these excellent dog game apps.

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