Ar Cat and Ar Dog Virtual Pet Games

What is Augmented reality and what is the difference compared to virtual reality? Whereas virtual reality requires the use of special goggles, Augmented Reality (AR) games superimpose 3D images on to your real life surrounding through your mobile device. As you cast your camera upon your living room, you will be able to see your very own customizable AR dog, AR cat or any other pet. An AR pet simulator is a virtual pet game that utilizes your camera and microphone to inject pets into your life. Below is a list of AR virtual pet games that you may enjoy playing.

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Virtual Pets game ios

Pets Around – Take care of a kitten or a puppy in augmented reality! Adopt your own pet and see how it grows up.

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AR dragon- IOS

What is it like to have a dragon? With the help of AR dragon; the virtual pet game by PlaySide, you get the mythical experience with a twist of reality. Have a dragon run around your house. Gameplay involves raising and playing with a dragon. It all starts when you hatch your first egg. You can play feed or train the mythical creature. The graphics are awesome- cute looking dragons. This game is free with the options of in-app purchases.

Ar Pet Games
AR Dragon

Miaow virtual pet game

Miaow is an AR cat virtual pet game available on the IOS platform. Gameplay involves playing with and feeding a cat. You can use a special laser pen to play with the AR cat. Pour some food in a bowl on the floor and your AR cat will eat it. The game utilizes the microphone on your Apple device to give the cat simple voice commands. There are plans in the pipeline to app more mini-games and to optimize the virtual pet app for iPad. The graphics are pretty impressive. If you can’t have cats because of allergy issues, this is the game for you. Get a virtual AR cat that appears in your house when you sermon your phone, Play with your AR cat using a red laser beam and then feed it when it is exhausted and hungry. The game is available on IOS for free with the option of in-app purchases.

RoVR – the AR dog simulator

Ar Dog Virtual Pet Simulator
RoVR – Virtual Pet Game

Introduce an AR dog into your reality with RoVR virtual pet game. Gameplay involves playing and caring for an AR dog. Players can raise and build up an emotional connection with the AR dog. Feed and pet the dog. You can also play fetch with the virtual pet. The game gives you a stick which you can throw around the screen and watch your AR dag fetch it. You can also pet your dog after a good job. The graphics and visuals are amazing, the dog is cute and colorful. The dog blends into your surroundings effortlessly; no floating or chop effect. An AR dog cannot replace a real dog but it is way more fun. It gives everyone an opportunity of owning a dog.


Ar Pet Simulator
CurioPets – AR dog simulator

CurioPets is similar to Pokemon Go in the way that it adds mystical items to its gameplay. Gameplay involves dressing up your AR dog, feeding it and exploring the world. The beautiful part is that the game does not limit you to your house. In fact, it opens more options when you take gameplay outside. Explore the world and find treasure chests with cool outfits. Discover curious energy surroundings with portals in the sky; just for your amusement. Care feed and decorate your pet with this virtual pet game. Available in Apple’s iOS.

These games show the magical world that is created when technology and pet love meet. Whether you are a dog person or a cat person this articles has options for you worth exploring. Go ahead and try out these games.

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